What is SiaC
"No more composing emails, copy-pasting links, logging-in to external websites or openning new windows. Just share - in a click."

Seen a funny video in YouTube? Read an interesting article? Encountered a good blog? Want to share it with your friends?

SiaC browser extension is the straightforward way to do it. A single click on the toolbar button, optionally add a comment - and you're through.
SiaC does the rest for you: sort out your links, send them in an email to your friends, and bring you your friends' links directly to your browser sidebar.

SiaC integrates seamlessly into your browser and does not interfere with your surfing.

How it works

While you surf, you encounter an interesting website that you want to share with your friends.
One click on the toolbar button - and that's it. The page is shared.
SiaC communicates with the server, which forwards the link throughout your social network.

Your friends receive
a list of the links you shared with them, along with your added comments, straight to their browser sidebar.
Those of your friends who don't have SiaC installed are notified by email of the links you shared with them. SiaC constantly anlayzes the activity in your community - even of people you don't know - and composes a personal list of recommendations that is unique for you, based on your social circle patterns.

The links your friends share with you are instantly accessible from your browser sidebar, ready for your mouse click.